Best Pick Reports Reviews

Company profiles on will display all reviews collected throughout your qualification research; this includes any positive, neutral, and negative feedback we have received.

This is a departure from our historical policy to only post a selection of the most positive reviews, and we are confident it is the best approach for the current digital landscape. Studies on the topic reveal that consumers expect a range of review responses, and a full spectrum of positive and negative feedback contribute to an organization’s credibility and ultimately promote buying decisions.

In response to this change, we have developed two new features that we hope you’ll enjoy:

1. Featured Reviews
To continue showcasing the most positive reviews you receive each year, we are adding a featured review section directly below your profile. This ensures that the most prominent reviews on each company page will be positive.

2. Public Review Responses
You can now publicly respond to any review of your company—whether it is positive, neutral, or negative. In your Business Performance Center, you’ll now find a Review Manager section where you can create and post your response. Please be respectful in any responses and focus on humanizing your brand. Your response won’t be shared directly with the respondent, but it will be displayed alongside the review on our website for visitors to see.

Please reach out to our Support Team via email at [email protected] or via phone at 678-274-6482 if you have any trouble logging into the Business Performance Center or need to set up an account. We are also happy to help craft public review responses or answer any questions you may have about this change.