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Negative Reviews: How They Can Help Your Business

No company is perfect, including those that have earned the Best Pick designation. And nobody knows this better than service-oriented companies, since customer feedback is one of the best and easiest ways to learn how to improve your service. Receiving a bad review from a customer is inevitable, but how you respond to these reviews is key to helping your company’s reputation rather than harming it.  

Why Should I Publish Negative Reviews?

Studies on this topic reveal that consumers today expect a range of review responses about a service or product they’re looking at. Your customers understand that almost no company can achieve a perfect score, and they’re okay with that—what matters more to your customers over a five-star rating is the sense that they have the full picture of your company.

Show your customers the full picture

Consumers are increasingly relying on online reviews (even over recommendations from friends and family) to help them make purchase decisions, and they want those reviews to feel trustworthy.

So what makes a company’s reviews seem trustworthy? While too many negative reviews will naturally prevent most customers from making a purchase, too many positive reviews can have the same negative effect. Consumers are likely to believe that all-positive reviews for a company are either fake or that the company is hiding a bunch of negative reviews.

Luckily, to qualify as a Best Pick, companies must achieve a recommendation rating of at least 85 percent, which ensures that most reviews being displayed on your profile will be positive, and prospective customers will hire you feeling confident they can trust your company.

What If I Don’t Show Any Reviews?

Some companies may think that removing their reviews altogether is a better option than displaying their few negative reviews. This practice, however, has been proven to hurt business rather than help it.

In a recent study conducted by Northwestern University’s Spiegal Research Center, the researchers found that having five reviews—good or bad—can increase your number of buyers by nearly four times compared to a company showing no reviews.

The same study concluded that online reviews really, really matter to consumers, particularly for bigger or “riskier” purchases—and perfect ratings and a ton of reviews are not as important as trustworthy reviews that show the full picture.

Using Negative Reviews to Your Advantage

The best companies use customer feedback—the positive, the neutral, and the negative—to let them know how their business is doing and where they can improve. Negative reviews will only hurt you if you don’t respond to them correctly.

Benefits of responding publicly to negative reviews

Depending on the context of the negative review, responding publicly to reviews on your Best Pick Reports profile gives you the opportunity to:

  1. Present your side of a situation to potential customers
  2. Demonstrate that you care about your customers
  3. Showcase your company’s commitment to quality and service
  4. Humanize your brand  

Note: When you respond to a review on your Best Pick Reports profile, we will not directly notify the reviewer. Your response will be displayed alongside the review for visitors to see.

Check out our article about crafting a public response to a negative review, or reach out to [email protected] if you need help crafting a response to any reviews.