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New Monthly Subscription Fee

A Best Pick Reports membership goes deeper than high-quality leads.

Our mission is to increase the prosperity of first-class builders, contractors, and home service providers. To help us accomplish our mission, we’ve created an all-inclusive program that enhances our members’ entire value chain. Key features of a Best Pick Reports membership include print and digital promotion, third-party certification status, real-time customer feedback, and innovative lead tracking.

We delight in continuously partnering with our members to help grow their businesses .

Existing Membership Value-Adds

  1. Book position lockdown
  2. Maximum of five companies per category
  3. BPR certification: One of only five per book area in the entire market
    • Welcome packet, marketing collateral, and BPR website badges to publicize your company’s status as a Certified Best Pick
    • All marketing items available at
  4. Real-time customer surveys
    • Average 25% conversion
    • Savings on $1,600 under normal rate
    • New for current year: More surveying (full sample size of surveys, instead of stopping once we reach minimum)
  5. Call suppression
    • New as of October 2018: Proactive removal of non-sales calls (i.e. robo-calls, wrong numbers) from bills
      • Saves members an average of 3% on their monthly bill
      • Duplicates within the same calendar month and calls under 30 seconds are also not billed
      • Proactive blocking of numbers that are clear sources of nuisance junk calls
  6. New as of August 2018: Dedicated Account Manager
  7. Editorial profile in each category
    • Crafted by professional editorial team
    • Design incorporates information that homeowners look for when hiring
  8. Best Pick Reports Guarantee
  9. Best Pick Reports brand recognition and credibility in markets served
  10. SEO & SEM
    • Each company gets a Best Pick Reports landing page that is marketed online through organic and paid Google search
    • The Best Pick website receives 40,000 visits a month, and that number is growing
    • Opportunities for company spotlights and involvement in the Best Pick Reports blog
  11. Direct mail marketing
    • Targeted book distribution
    • 800,000-900,000 books mailed per year in each market
    • Sent only to single-family homes that are above median home value in the area
    • Each home receives two editions per year, one in the fall and one in the spring

If you have questions about your membership and the value your company receives, please reach out to our Support Team via email at [email protected] or via phone at 678-274-6482.