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Per-Call Billing

Per-Call Billing

On the Per-Call billing plan you will be charged for each potential customer who contacts you through the Best Pick Reports publication or website. The price for these calls is determined by you and your Best Pick Reports sales representative. These calls will be tracked by us through the Lead Tracker. Learn more about the Lead Tracker program.

The per-call billing program bills only for unique calls, so duplicate calls are excluded. Duplicate calls do not include multiple calls made by the same potential customer to your company looking for different categories of work (e.g., someone calling to ask about siding and then about roofing).

Your company will not be billed for:

  • Any calls under 30 seconds
  • Any 800 numbers
  • Any calls made by numbers on our suppressed calls list, which includes known robocalls, autodials, and solicitors.

Your invoice will include all calls you’ve received, including billed and non-billed calls for your reference.

Out-of-Scope and Out-of-Area Calls

Occasionally, you may receive calls for work your company doesn’t provide or from customers who live outside of your company’s service area.

We try to factor this possibility into the per-call pricing for your company, but if you feel you’re receiving an unusually high volume of these calls, send us an email at [email protected] or call us directly at (877) 903-7575 so we can help you resolve this issue.