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SMS Surveying

For Best Pick companies who opt in to continued surveying of their customers, we offer a few options. One of those options is SMS (or “light”) surveying.

In an SMS survey cadence, we will send your customers a brief survey via text message. They can opt out at any time. Here are the texts your customers will receive:

Text 1: Hi [First Name], [Company Name] would like to hear your feedback! How would you rate your experience with them on [Job Date] from 1 (Very Poor) to 5 (Excellent)? This survey is being conducted by Best Pick Reports. Text STOP to opt out.

Text 2: Thank you for your response! Please reply with any additional feedback to better describe your experience with [Company Name].

Text 3: Thank you for your feedback. This survey is now concluded. Please visit to learn more about Best Pick Reports.

The feedback gathered via these surveys will be used to update your company’s profile on the Best Pick website and app. Please note that if you select this option for surveying, your customer data must include cell/mobile phone numbers.

If you’re interested in this option or have any questions, reach out to your Account Manager.