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Bathtub & Shower Conversions

Bathtub & Shower Conversions Educational Content

Walk-in showers are easy to clean, and most importantly, they are safer than large, deep bathtubs. Stand-alone showers are typically either custom enclosures or manufactured stalls. The prefabricated stalls are usually made of acrylic or fiberglass. These shower stalls are available in many colors, sizes, and shapes. If you prefer a shower over a bathtub, a tub and shower conversion expert can make that happen for you. You can expect a tub-to-shower conversion project to be completed in about a day. That does vary somewhat depending on the layout of the existing space and any complications. A bathtub that is already surrounded by walls can be replaced with a shower relatively easily. The installers may need to make some plumbing adjustments, but the drains and water lines should already be in place.

The shower-to-tub conversion process is similar to that of converting a bathtub to a shower. Your contractor will remove the shower stall and install a bathtub in its place. These projects normally take one or two days.

Mobility issues can make it difficult to safely enter, use, and exit standard, unmodified showers and bathtubs. Such modifications include grab bars, shower seats and benches, and low-mounted shower heads. Showers can also be built or modified to accommodate wheelchair users. These showers are wide-built and do not include a curb. This feature makes it possible to enter the shower by wheeling in.

If you or a loved one have trouble climbing into traditional bathtubs, consider installing a walk-in or slide-in tub. These types of bathtubs can be accessed through a watertight, sealed door in the side of the bathtub wall.

In addition to bathtub and shower conversions, many contractors offer cosmetic updates. Ask your tub and shower conversion contractor about one-day bathroom remodeling services. These services typically include shower and bathtub renovations and replacements.

New showers, shower enclosures, bathtubs, walk-in tubs, and bathtub and shower combinations can be installed in as little as one day. This offers you a quick turnaround on a major upgrade for your bathroom space. Your contractor can also provide less complex updates. A new shower door, tub liner, or faucet can bring new life to an outdated bathroom.