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Handyman Services

Handyman Services

What Do Handymen Do?

With an array of knowledge, a handyman does everything from small repairs and installations to larger projects, such as building decks or renovating bathrooms. Due to their extensive experience and the very specific nature of the work, many handyman contractors can provide estimates over the phone and get to work right away, and since they have such varying areas of expertise, they can usually tackle multiple smaller jobs in a single visit.

How to Hire a Handyman

Before reaching out to a handyman, it’s a good idea to outline the details of your project. Consider what you want done and how soon you need the project started and completed. This information will help the handyman company give you an accurate price quote as well as an estimate of how much time the project will take. Ideally, you should pick a company that has significant experience with the type of work you want performed as well as any state-required insurance. In the event that you encounter problems after the project is completed, you’ll also want a company that will be there to help you through any issues.

Hiring a handyman via an established company has numerous additional advantages. Handyman companies have a pool of experts to pull from to ensure that your job is handled by the right person or team. In fact, many handymen have a decade or more of experience in a trade, and some of them may even hold important state licenses. Most handyman companies offer a workmanship guarantee or warranty, which is a nice reassurance for any type of home improvement project. Handyman companies often have established customer service procedures, such as wearing shoe covers and cleaning up thoroughly once their work is finished, to ensure that every customer is satisfied with their entire experience.

Many handyman companies offer services in a couple of different formats. If you need a specific job done, you can hire a handyman for that project, charged at an hourly rate or at a per-project flat rate. If you have several smaller projects that need to be taken care of, ask the handyman company if they offer half-day and full-day service packages. When you purchase a half day of service, a handyman completes as many tasks as possible in about four hours; a full-day package is usually about eight hours of home improvement service.

For the most efficient service and the best use of your handyman’s time, purchase any materials you would like him to use before the scheduled appointment. Advance preparation ensures that your handyman will be able to get straight to work when he arrives. Many handyman companies are also willing to pick up the necessary materials, but there will be an additional fee for that service.

Professional handymen arrive at jobs with their own tools and equipment, so you will not be expected to provide access to your tool collection or purchase specialty equipment that you might not use again.

Types of Jobs

Plumbing. From installing faucets to replacing toilets, a handyman can perform most small plumbing jobs. Many handyman companies also offer service packages for bathroom facelifts and minor remodeling jobs. More extensive projects, such as sewer work and complex plumbing problems that require excavation, should be left to a licensed plumber.

Electrical. For most minor electrical work, such as changing or installing a light fixture or repairing light switches and outlets, a handyman can be an effective and efficient choice. Larger projects that require permits and code inspections, like electrical panel upgrades and standby generator installation, however, should be left to a licensed, professional electrician.

Painting. Whether it’s touching up a few spots in the living room or completely repainting the kitchen, handymen are a good option for just about any painting job. To avoid additional fees, have on hand the paint (and primer, if necessary) that you would like your handyman to use. Your handyman should use his own brushes and other supplies.

Gutters. Cleaning and repairing gutters usually requires working on a ladder, and for many homeowners, it makes more sense to hire a handyman to perform such potentially dangerous work. Many handyman companies can also install gutter guards, which can help keep your gutters clean throughout the year.

Accessibility modifications. If your home needs modifications to increase its safety and accessibility for yourself or other family members, a handyman company can take care of those updates.

Babyproofing. Making a home safe for newly mobile babies can be overwhelming, especially for already sleep-deprived parents. A handyman can install everything from childproof cabinet locks and stair gates to furniture brackets to prevent shelves and dressers from tipping over.

Furniture assembly. Assembling furniture, shelving units, grills, and outdoor equipment is often easier said than done. A handyman will ensure that your new purchase is put together safely and correctly.

Real estate updates. When you decide to sell your house, your real estate agent may suggest a few updates to spruce up your home. This list often includes small cosmetic tasks that simply aren’t a day-to-day concern, such as replacing the piece of door trim that the dog chewed and scratched as a puppy, replacing outdated light fixtures, or pressure washing the front walkway. A professional handyman will be able to tackle almost every item on your list to freshen up your home’s interior and boost its exterior curb appeal.

Odd jobs. Small home projects are not necessarily challenging or complex, but they may require specialized tools and materials along with a bit of research to complete. Jobs like mending porch screens, rehanging doors, and caulking bathtubs are just a few examples of the miscellaneous tasks an experienced handyman can tackle.

Industry regulations

Despite the fact that handyman contractors are capable of performing most household projects, they have a few limitations; for example, they may not be certified gas fitters or experts at troubleshooting heat pumps. If you choose to hire a handyman to take on a larger job, it’s very important to make sure that the company maintains the proper licensing and that its employees are trained or even certified in their respective fields. While hiring a specialist might not afford the advantage of knocking out multiple projects at once, it’s worth the sacrifice in order to make sure that large jobs are performed legally by trained and experienced professionals.