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Junk Removal

Junk Removal

Why Hire a Junk Remover?

Moving items and loading the truck. One of the biggest benefits of hiring a junk remover is that the team will gather everything, do all the heavy lifting, and get it all onto the truck. In contrast, with a trash collection service, the homeowner is responsible for moving everything to the curb. For many people, this task could be not only difficult but also potentially dangerous, particularly if it involves heavy or cumbersome items or debris.

Sorting, recycling, selling, and donating. Homeowners may not relish the prospect of sorting and organizing all their items or debris by material type and ensuring nothing exceeds specific size or weight limits. While this up-front work is required for most bulk pickups by a trash collector, professional junk removers simply take the unorganized mass of items and debris—with few limits on the size, type, or weight of acceptable materials—and do all the sorting and recycling activities elsewhere.

What Can’t be Hauled

Junk removers haul a comprehensive range of things, but most cannot haul hazardous materials, such as oil-based paint, car batteries, or pesticides. Homeowners can safely dispose of hazardous household waste at facilities run by their county’s solid waste department.

The Cost of Removal

Most junk removal companies prefer to give estimates on-site because their charges are often based on the volume of material to haul. By seeing in person all the items or debris that will need to be removed, contractors can give a more accurate estimate.

There are several additional factors that can affect the cost of having your items removed. If the job will require the removal team to travel a long way, haul items that are especially heavy or difficult to access, make multiple trips, send more employees than usual, or pay significant fees to drop your items and debris off at a landfill or recycling center, it’s possible that the removal will cost more than it would otherwise.

The Junk Removal Process

The removal. Many contractors will come ready to do the removal the day they give the estimate. If a different day is preferred, the homeowner or a household member will likely need to be present when the removal team arrives to confirm what is to be cleaned out and provide access to any areas if needed. It is not necessary to gather all the unwanted items in one spot for either the estimate or the removal—the removal team will do the work of retrieving and moving everything into the truck. For safety reasons, homeowners and other household members should not take part in the moving process.

The final cleanup. Almost all junk removal contractors will sweep up the cleared area as part of their services; this is valuable if the junk or debris removal is simply one step in a larger process, like preparing a home for sale or renovation.