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No matter what your shower looks like, water needs to stay in it. A glass shower door accomplishes this goal easier than a conventional fabric or plastic shower curtain. Glass shower doors also let more light in than an opaque shower curtain. Glass shower doors should always be made from tempered glass. The tempering process makes glass stronger. It also ensures that if the glass does break, it won’t shatter into sharp pieces. Instead, tempered glass breaks into small pieces that are designed to stick together rather than falling out of the frame. There are two types of glass shower doors available: framed and frameless.

Framed. Framed enclosures, which are made of aluminum, are lighter than frameless doors. The glass is sealed into the frame, and the enclosure is water-tight. Framed shower doors and enclosures are usually less expensive than frameless options. This is because framed options use lighter glass. The frame provides structure and support, so heavy glass isn’t necessary.

Frameless. Frameless shower doors and enclosures don’t have metal framework. This means that they use a heavier, more expensive grade of glass. This thick glass is very durable, making it difficult to break. Frameless doors often come in a wider range of designs than framed doors. They give a bathroom a larger, more spacious feeling.

Mirrors can be heavy. Smaller and medium-sized mirrors can be hung on drywall with toggle bolts or molly screws. If the mirror is light enough, hanging wire or a J-hook might be sufficient. If you’re unsure, however, err on the side of caution and use a larger hanger than you think you might need. Because of its size and possible strain on the wall, a large mirror should be mounted to the studs. If they’re improperly installed, heavy mirrors can become unattached over time. To test if a vanity mirror was installed correctly, push gently against the glass surface. If the mirror gives at all, call a contractor. The mirror was most likely not installed correctly and is at risk of falling. If a large pane of glass falls off the wall, it could make a dangerous mess and damage your flooring.

Design. Mirrors aren’t just practical. They also have lots of decorative uses. Mirrors can create a dramatic focal point, add light, and give the illusion of a larger room. They come in a variety of shapes and styles. In fact, a mirror can be made in almost any shape you can think of. Glass and mirror contractors can design custom mirrors to suit your home decor style. Antique mirrors add visual interest to a room as do unconventional hanging methods. If you have a mirror that is light enough, experiment with ribbon, thick twine, or rope as a hanging mechanism for a decorative look.