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Avoid moonlighters

Moonlighting occurs when an enterprising and dishonest employee steals a customer from his or her employer.

For example, an employee working for one company might come out to do an estimate but then offer to do the work for less money on non-company time. The employee might also sub the work out to another company. Just like retail employees who shoplift, moonlighters are usually fired when caught. Individuals who buy shoplifted or stolen merchandise can at least be sure that they are purchasing a product equivalent to the one offered in the store.

However, homeowners hiring moonlighters often find that the moonlighter’s work is lower in quality than that of the company and they then have nowhere to turn. Moonlighters are not as concerned about their reputations as established companies may be. Furthermore, to offer a lower price, the moonlighter often avoids such things as insurance, taxes, licenses and other overhead.