HomeownerResearch Methodology

How does Best Pick Reports conduct research?

We partner with our sister companies GuildQuality and pulseM, two national leaders in third-party customer satisfaction surveying, to collect annual research on local home service companies. Based on these survey results, we identify the best companies in each service category.

Every Best Pick company must maintain extremely high satisfaction rates—at least 85 percent of a company’s customers must state that they were satisfied with their experience with the company. Companies new to Best Pick Reports must achieve our minimum satisfaction rating from at least 25 completed surveys. Companies must additionally obtain the same satisfaction rates from at least 15 surveys each year after qualifying. The exact review count for each company can be found above the company’s reviews in the Best Pick Reports publication. Review counts are updated monthly on bestpickreports.com.

Additionally, we check annually that Best Pick companies carry proper licenses and insurance, which we verify directly through the issuing bodies. Only qualified companies are invited to participate in the Best Pick program, and companies must requalify every year.