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How does Best Pick Reports conduct research?

Fully vetting each Best Pick company is something we take a lot of pride in. We know you trust our recommendations, and we work hard to ensure that our Certified Best Picks truly are the best of the best. Only companies that meet our qualification criteria are invited to participate in the Best Pick program.

Here’s what we check during our due diligence and qualification process:

Customer reviews

Every Best Pick company must maintain extremely high satisfaction rates. Each company must have at least 25 Google reviews as well as a 4.0 or greater rating from the past 3 years of reviews.

If a company doesn’t meet our Google review threshold, they must send us a list of customer names and contact information. We use this information to survey the company’s customers, and at least 85 percent of customers must state that they were satisfied with their experience with the company.

We require companies to maintain the same satisfaction rates each year after qualifying. The exact review count for each company can be found in the company’s digital or guidebook profile.

Local service area

Companies new to Best Pick Reports must have a minimum of one year of service in their book area. This ensures that the company has a local presence. All Certified Best Picks must have an active website. For each category they appear in with Best Pick Reports, the company must advertise that type of work.

Financial stability

We verify each company’s financial standing. Companies new to Best Pick Reports must meet our minimum credit limit of $1,000. All Best Pick companies must be active and in good standing with their Secretary of State. A company cannot have more than two tax liens in a 12-month period.

Licenses and insurance

All Best Pick companies must have active general liability insurance and, when required by the state, workers’ compensation insurance. We verify these policies annually with the insurance carriers. We also verify directly with the state all state-required trade licenses.