Profile Rules & Regulations

Company Profile Overview

A company profile is a concise bio of your company published in our print guide and on our website. We differentiate ourselves from advertising organizations by providing homeowners with only verifiable research and facts.

General Rules for Company Profiles

Word count and character limits

  • Company profile space is limited. We provide average general word and character limits, but keep in mind that long words and wide letters take up more space than short words and narrow letters.
  • Company quotes are typically an average of 50 words or 300 characters in length.
  • Company information is typically an average of 100 words or 700 characters in length.
  • Font size and spacing cannot be adjusted.

Tone and style

  • We use straightforward and unbiased language. Subjective, flowery language would negate our credibility as a reliable source of objective information. Final wording is left to the discretion of the editorial department.
  • We use the third-person tense (i.e., no “we,” “you,” or “I”) in the Company Information section. The editorial department uses an in-house style guide based on The Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster’s dictionary for spelling.
  • We do not use capital letters or italics to emphasize words or phrases.
  • Exclamation points are only allowed in company names and company quotes. They are not allowed in the Company Information portion of the profile.
  • Special formatting such as bolding and underlined words is not permitted.


  • The inclusion of factual claims (i.e., awards, certifications, memberships, etc.) must be accompanied by verification before the information can be printed. Some examples of verification include:
    • Copies of certificates
    • Membership cards or dues receipts
    • Pictures of trophies or plaques
    • Link to your listing on a professional industry organization’s website
  • We do not print the following:
    • Offensive, aggressive, or critical language.
    • Information that gives one company an unfair advantage over others, such as price-match guarantees, or information that encourages price-based competition between Best Pick members.
    • Information that advertises obtaining services through your company’s website or any means other than our publication—we provide lead generation services and want to accurately track those leads.
    • Information that categorizes a company based on religion.
  • Years of experience in the industry or with your company must be attributed to individuals. We refrain from printing combined years of experience for more than one person.
  • We refrain from printing occupational/trade licenses and license numbers required for the categories you work in within the company information section of the profile. Required license numbers are printed in the right-hand section of each profile, along with your company’s rating and checkboxes showing that your company has adequate insurance coverage and is backed by the Best Pick Guarantee. (Please see image for an example.)
  • The final wording for the profile is left to the discretion of our editorial team.


Updating your Company Profile

Renewing with Best Pick Reports

If you’re renewing your participation in Best Pick Reports for the upcoming year, your Customer Experience representative will alert you to review your profile and provide any desired updates. The editorial department fact-checks claims in the profile annually.

You can make up to two rounds of revisions per profile, but please be thorough and clear in your first revision request. The most recent version of your profile will be printed as-is if revisions are not approved by the print deadline.

New to Best Pick Reports or new to a category

If you’re just starting with Best Pick Reports, or if your company has qualified for a new category, we will create your new profile based on your existing profile(s), the information provided by you in the New Company Form, or information from your company website. Once your profile is created, we will ask you to review the information for accuracy.

Please submit any revisions as promptly as possible. You can make up to two rounds of revisions per profile, but please be thorough and clear in your first revision request.

Additional Questions

Please let us know if you have any additional questions. Send us an email at [email protected] or call us directly at (877) 903-7575.