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How Company Scores Are Calculated

Best Pick Reports employs a business model that relies on consumer data and advanced survey methodologies to determine unbiased ratings, ensuring homeowners and home service companies alike of a reliable process.

We develop your company’s rating according to all the survey data we have about your company spanning the past three years. If your company has participated in the Best Pick program for more than three years, you can read your older reviews in the Homeowner Reviews section of your profile. However, reviews older than three years are not calculated in your company’s current score.

All Best Pick companies are required to maintain extremely high satisfaction rates. At least 85 percent of recent customers contacted during our research process must state that they were satisfied with their experience with your company. The Overall Satisfaction scores of all reviews are averaged together to determine the comprehensive Overall Satisfaction score used for qualification. That comprehensive score is converted into the 1-5 scale to determine your company’s star grade.

Companies new to Best Pick Reports must achieve our minimum satisfaction rating of 85 percent from at least 25 completed surveys and must maintain the same satisfaction rates from at least 15 completed surveys every year after qualifying.

The review count—spanning the last three years of survey data—is updated each month that research is conducted for your company and can be found to the left of your company’s profile on Here, you can also view your company’s average star rating.