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The Qualification Policy

At Best Pick Reports, we want to ensure we are providing our customers with the best experience. We do not want our qualification to happen behind a curtain. Our research method is specifically designed to avoid picking and choosing so that authentic feedback is collected from homeowners who have used your company and companies like yours. All feedback is valuable, regardless of which question was asked or what the official purpose was for asking it. The best part is that once feedback is collected, we can then help you share it across multiple platforms, including our Business Performance Center.

Best Pick Reports has a hard-earned reputation as a publication homeowners can trust, and we work tirelessly to maintain that reputation. Our qualification scoring system ensures that Best Pick companies have been fully vetted based on a fair, easy-to-understand, and thorough surveying process. We also verify general liability coverage, workers’ compensation coverage (where required), and all state-required licenses on an annual basis. We stand behind all of our Best Picks as being quality contractors whose customers rave about them.

Our Qualification Policy

If this is your first year in the Best Pick program or if you are a customer interested in joining a new category, you must submit a list of customer names for each new category you want to qualify in. If you meet the following criteria during your first year in the program, your company will automatically and permanently* qualify:

Qualifying with GuildQuality Surveying

  • +90% company-level grade
  • Minimum 84.5% grade per category
  • 25+ completed surveys per category

If you’re an existing Best Pick customer going into a new category, you must meet the following criteria for the new category:

  • +84.5% category-level grade
  • 25+ completed surveys

If your company-level grade stays above 90% with the addition of the new category, you will be considered auto-qualified.

For qualification via GuildQuality, we qualify companies based on an average of all questions asked in a survey. These include:

  • Likely to Recommend
  • Cleanliness
  • Safety
  • Communication
  • Quality of Materials
  • Quality of Workmanship
  • Scheduling
  • Overall Value
  • Professionalism and Organization
  • Knowledgeable

Qualifying with pulseM Surveying

  • +90% company-level and category-level grade
  • 25+ completed surveys per category

If you’re an existing Best Pick customer going into a new category, you must meet the following criteria for the new category:

  • +90% category-level grade
  • 25+ completed surveys

Customers who opt for qualification via pulseM surveying will be qualified based on customer feedback gathered through text message surveys.

*Qualification notes and exceptions

  • Best Pick customers that receive 3 or more help desk complaints and/or guarantee claims in a 12-month period must requalify the following book year.
  • Prospect and renewal customers that receive a company-level grade of less than 90% must requalify every year until they meet +90% grade overall with at least 84.5% grade (via GuildQuality surveying) or +90% grade (via pulseM surveying) per category.
  • Auto-qualified companies that opt in to continued surveying (please see below) and receive a company-level grade of <84.5% (DNQ range) must requalify the following book year.
  • Companies that undergo a major change in management or ownership must requalify the following book year.


If your company auto-qualifies, you will have the opportunity to continue surveying your customers via GuildQuality, pulseM, or SMS surveying. This is not required, but we highly encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to hear what your customers have to say.

If you choose not to continue surveying customers, your profile’s survey data will remain static. We will not be able to update your profile with new reviews or current qualification data. Companies that elect to participate in continued surveying will have updated profile information.

Companies that opt in to continued surveying must submit full names lists. Cherry picking names is not permitted. This helps ensure the integrity of our data and allows us to keep your company’s profile updated. Opt-in surveying is limited to one batch of up to 200 names per company per year.

Overall Satisfaction

If 85% of the responses to all of these questions are positive (4 or 5 stars on a scale of 1 to 5) for a company overall AND within that category, the company will qualify. We call this our Overall Satisfaction score.

The scores published in our print publications and on are based on the Overall Satisfaction score. We use the following scale to determine star rating for each review:

  • 5 = 90+
  • 4 = 70 to 89.9
  • 3 = 40 to 69.9
  • 2 = 10 to 39.9
  • 1 = 9.9 and below

We use the past three years’ worth of data to qualify. We define a “year” as a calendar year, but we add the last four months leading up to our Spring books. This data will NOT be weighted, so regardless of when a survey was completed during that time period, it will count equally toward a company’s final score. We call this flat three-year scoring.

We consider ALL survey data gathered for Best Pick candidates, as long as it falls within our three-year time frame. This means that all customer feedback, whether or not it was obtained as part of a qualification surveying campaign, will count toward a company’s score.

Qualification Status

  1. Companies’ qualification status will be determined throughout the year; companies will be informed of their status by a BPR representative.
  2. All companies will be eligible for continued surveying after qualification status has been determined. This continued surveying will be conducted via not-yet-exhausted batches of customer names, Best Pick Reports surveying, and GuildQuality or pulseM membership.
  3. Companies will not risk becoming disqualified through any continued surveying after qualification status has been announced.
  4. If a company has reached a DNQ (did not qualify) status, they will not be given the option to become a GuildQuality or pulseM customer for the sole purpose of requalifying within the same book year; however, becoming a GuildQuality or pulseM customer can help the company qualify in the next book year.


  1. All customers must supply a list of all homeowners who have completed work within the stated time frame. The list must meet our minimum date requirements. Your Account Manager or Sales Representative will reach out to you as soon as your data is received if the minimum threshold is not met.
  2. This minimum is not acceptable if the customer has more eligible homeowner names to offer.
  3. Companies are required to include job attribution (line of work) information on their names list.
  4. Companies who did not qualify in the most recent book year are treated as new customers even if they qualified in a previous book year.

Our number of required responses

We require at least 25 completed surveys per category for the first year that your company is a Best Pick candidate.

Please reach out to your Support Representative or Account Manager for additional questions.