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Company Profile

Your company’s profile is the space we’ve reserved for you to tell Best Pick users all about your business—the services you offer, warranties that you honor, specific products and brands you’re proud to carry, your company’s history, awards you’ve received, certifications, and any other distinctions that you’ve earned.

At Best Pick Reports, we differentiate ourselves from advertising organizations by providing homeowners with only verifiable research and facts. If you include any factual claims in your profile—awards, certifications, memberships, etc.—they must be accompanied by verification before the information can be printed.

For more information about how company profiles are formatted and what we can and cannot print, please see our Profile Rules & Regulations.

Profile Sections

Company Quote

Use this section to talk about your company in your own words. The company quote is a great place to mention your company’s philosophy, the values with which you approach business, or anything else that sets your company apart from the crowd.

Company Information

This section gives homeowners important details about your company. Some of the information is required; other subsections are optional. We encourage you to include as much information as possible, but please keep in mind that space is limited. Font size and spacing cannot be adjusted.

  • Services Offered: This section is mandatory. Please list the services your company offers that are related to the service category under which your company will appear in our report.
  • Services Not Offered: If there are services that you frequently receive calls for but do not offer, list them here. Be as clear as possible about the specific services you don’t provide—this will help homeowners who may not be knowledgeable about your area of expertise.
  • Minimum Job: If you require a minimum dollar amount or a product minimum—three windows, two lock-and-handle sets, or two man-hours, for example—for a specific service, list those requirements here.
  • Warranty: List any important warranties or guarantees your company offers.
  • Company History: This section is mandatory. It’s helpful to include the year your company was founded and by whom and whether your company is family owned and operated.
  • Distinctions: Please list any special awards, certifications, and professional memberships here.
  • Employee Information: This section allows you to specify whether your employees wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles, or undergo background checks and/or drug testing.
  • Additional Information: Use this section to include information about any specific products or brands that your company offers.

Print vs. Web Profiles

All current Best Pick companies have a company listing on and on our Best Pick mobile app. Companies that appear in the print publication of Best Pick Reports also have a print profile that contains a selection of information from their web profile.


  • Company quote and information sections
  • License and insurance verification
  • Current qualification scores


  • Company quote and information sections
  • Company logo
  • Company address and hours of operation
  • License and insurance verification
  • Current qualification score 
  • Areas served

Updating Profile Information

As your company grows and changes, remember to keep your Best Pick Reports profile up to date. If you need to update the information in your online profile, contact our Customer Experience team via email at [email protected], or call us directly at (877) 903-7575.

We will take care of your requested changes on the website and ensure that the update is reflected in the next round of printed books.

How Featured Web Reviews are Chosen

Featured reviews on web profiles are chosen using an algorithm that finds the strongest positive reviews from recent surveys.

Interested in learning more about how we gather customer reviews? Check out our survey process.

Additional Questions

Please let us know if you have any additional questions. Send us an email at [email protected] or call us directly at (877) 903-7575.